I believe in Christ, like I believe in the sun not because I can see it, but by it I can see everything else 

– C. S. Lewis


If you landed on this page, it seems to me that you are also interested in knowing more about God.

This website is intended to share anything and everything about God. Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts on my blog page here. Please note that, all comments must be supported by at least one Scriptural reference from your preferred translation of The Holy Bible and/ or writings of your most favorite theologian. Any derogatory comments about Jesus Christ will be promptly removed and access to the Blog might be restricted. Similarly, abusing language towards any individual(s) or other religions will not be tolerated. This is not a platform for a debate or continuing a discussion thread that never ends.

Life has many challenges and there is only one answer – Have faith in God and hold on to Him. For those who do not know Jesus Christ, daily reading of The Bible will help you find the truth and purpose for your life. Please explore other pages as new information will be added on a regular basis.

You are welcome to share your ideas or any resources respectfully so that, these can be used by all the readers. Thank you.

Have a blessed time here.

God bless